Only this will do now
Pump it into me
For a hundred days
Don’t stop to think
about what you’ve done



The girl’s past tutors
watch her on television
not seeing a sell out to music
but enjoying that she still
performs, magnetic,
disciplined, captivating
they are on her side


Dear Héloïse Letissier,

Having just watched your music video for the song Christine, I know that we are meant to be together. As sisters, lovers, soulmates.

Yours sincerely,


Glass breaks around my family
There’s that time I chased my brother down the street
And he ran inside and slammed the door
And my outstretched hands
went straight through the panes
The time mum slipped on the back yard in the rain
And somehow there was glass there
She sat on the stairs, wrist dripping onto the lino
giving me a phobia of blood
And of course she is static
Every touch is an oh-for-fuck’s-sake
Every computer blows up when she plugs it in
And the glasses she paints
Sit still in the cupboards of relatives
Waiting quietly in case we notice them


I am going on a date
I met a dog online
and his parents want to suss me out
So I’m donning my most responsible outfit
Fleece and wellies
treats in my pocket to seem thoughtful
first-time conversation cards at the ready
and my first breath of autumn
is a deep intake of well-meaning nerves


My dream girl jumps about
Like a Lamia
Disproportioned legs
Flailing like wire rods finding minerals
Or water
I’m not sure what they were for
But she is jumping
And missing her real limbs
It doesn’t seem to bother her
That they are impotent and out of time


Zombie girls smear up
from their dry leaves
from the slide, the log, the pond
To join their idol
Exotic, celestial
In her padded bra and summer-neck dress
Slide through the park
Stagger in front of headlights
Like a juggernaut drives them forwards
They must dance themselves into the eternity
Of morning