On Casting

Are directors bad for the acting trade? Specifically, casting directors. Myself included. Actors are usually cast according to a small, specific brief of criteria, mainly according to how right they look for a part. How right they look for the part is usually determined within the same few seconds of a first meeting in which we decide whether or not a person is physically/scientifically attractive. The actor arrives in their own clothes, perhaps wearing their own make up, more or less in their own natural state. And this is what we base our judgement on. Instead, we should be observing the distance between this natural state and the things the actor does in the audition. The difference between the state in which they arrive at the audition, and the state which they arrive at during the audition. The gap between these two states is a hint at their potential. They are exhibiting what you should be looking at, in between the things you are actually looking at. And this is only the potential they are showing you. There could be more hidden inside them, waiting to be brought out by you, the inspiring and expertly manipulative director. Surely…


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