A Playwriting Opportunity

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Just a quick one to share an open call for writers, designers and actors…

Off The Rock Productions Presents…

‘The Damask Room’

A macabre evening of short plays exploring the darker side of nursery rhymes.

And we want you to be a part of it…

At the core of every nursery rhyme beats a dark and poisoned heart. These are tales of abuse, murder, warfare, capital punishment and religious persecution. ‘The Damask Room’ will give directors, writers and actors an opportunity to scratch the frivolous veneer and examine what lies behind. The plays may seek to explore the relationships between the characters? Perhaps explore the theme or situation of a particular nursery rhyme? Answer unanswered questions? What happens next? What happened before? Engage with the historical context? Play with the language and/or rhyme scheme? There just has to be an identifiable connection to a particular nursery rhyme.

Plays can last anything between 1 and 10 minutes.

Directors: If you’re interested in joining this project as a director then please contact Matthew for more information at mwignall79@hotmail.com

Writers: Please submit your plays to Matthew at mwignall79@hotmail.com

Deadline for Submissions and expressions of interest: 5pm on Friday 7th August

Actors: Auditions will be in late August/early September. Please see our Facebook and  pages for announcements.


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