‘Ode to Horatio’: an ode

We carved you out of blood and bone
Well actually, from pumpkin
We made you in our own image
That of the… Country bumpkin?

Horatio, we named you thus
We thought it sounded good
One happy face, one sad, we sliced
Summink to do with theatre

We filled you with the flames of hell
A tealight, from that Poundland
To frighten all who entered here
Until they were through the door and had their shoes off, and we immediately told them about you, By which point, they hadn’t seen you yet. So we showed them.

The power hath consumed you now,
You’ve got a brown bit… There…
Wilted and defiled, you sit
Well it has been several days.

Oh, Horatio, we had good intentions for thee
A cheesecake, most likely, and perhaps a smoothie
Farewell dear friend, you served us well
And now you’ll serve about 2-4 others as well.


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