On Reflection

Today I filled out a survey on my arts practice that was open to some pretty in-depth and reflective answers. I chose to answer both as a theatre practitioner who has left her company this year, and as an individual writer finding her way.

It was refreshing to reflect on the reasons behind certain choices in the theatre practice that I could now see with some distance and hindsight, and that I no longer felt afraid to admit or concerned about representing in a particular way.

It also gave me hope to talk about my approach to writing as a new thing (which it isn’t, as I’ve been writing all my life, but it feels almost like a new endeavour at the moment due to my change of focus) and to speculate on where this could lead me.

I felt like this was worth sharing, so if you’re an artist of any kind in York (this one’s focussed on the York UK scene; maybe elsewhere you’d like to create your own), it might be nice to check this survey out:


If you’re an artist anywhere it might be a useful exercise to do a survey like this every now and then to take stock of what you’re doing and why. The answers might surprise you. If you’re anything like me, you may not know you think something until you’ve said it to someone else.

Thanks to Henry Raby for the ask.


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