The Wind Rises Review

Yeah, I thought so too.



The Wind Rises comes loaded with the awareness that it is potentially the last film by the acclaimed Hayao Miyzaki. For the first time, he tackles a politically sensitive narrative, using a historical biography with sporadic fantasy elements to tell the story the story of Jiro, a young man who once dreamed of flying planes but – due to poor eyesight – settles on merely designing them.

The film is set in Japan during the run-up to World War II and follows Jiro as he closes in on the perfect design that will birth the infamous Zero fighter plane. While it has some terrific flourishes, the film merely touches on the moral quandary facing Jiro as he designs his plane; his single-minded purpose never really contrasts with their intended use.

A short trip to Germany is a missed opportunity, with only one eyecatching moment featuring violent, dancing, half-glanced shadows hinting…

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