Godzilla Review


Godzilla - Mar 2014

This latest reboot of the legendary 1954 Japanese classic ‘Gojira’ has some big shoes to fill; the most recent attempt by cheese maestros Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin in 1998 was critically panned, a relative box office flop and ridiculed by Godzilla movies in Japan that followed it.

While this new movie isn’t the triumph many hoped it would be – hampered by a clunky script and acting that is sporadically less convincing than the original film’s effects – it still emerges as an exhilarating monster mash.

The film opens promisingly with the discovery of an ancient burial site and a nuclear melt down, told in a style that harkens back to classic Spielberg blockbuster Jurassic Park. Bryan Cranston, who is criminally underused later in the tale, grounds the film early on with an emotionally devastating reaction to an encounter with one of the – initially – unseen menaces. These…

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