New web series to feast upon

So a friend of mine has gone and made the move from theatre into film-making, and is doing pretty damn well at it. Not only did he get a shed load of positive response (including a large fan base manifesting itself at this year’s Comic Con) to his original web series, I Am Tim, but he’s full of other ideas and is already carrying them out.
I wasn’t particularly (at all) aware of the web series scene before I got lucky and got cast in a cameo in I Am Tim, but now that I am, I’m hungry for more.

Jamie’s latest project is Nights At The Round Table, another web series – this time about tabletop gamers. From my sneak preview of episode one, it’s a bit like Spaced, except with exciting new faces in it, and probably less P.C./P.G. I think this is going to be a big cult thing.

Check it out here and keep your eye out for the launch on the 13th June. (Not long now!) Ought to fill the hole left by Doctor Who.

The official website gives you a bit more detail.



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