25 things about me

1. I’m a good girl. I can’t lie, steal, trespass, or anything else ‘naughty’, without panicking and getting caught.

2. I have an unhealthy obsession with the song ‘Forever and Ever‘ by Demis Roussos since I read the script for the play ‘Woman And Scarecrow’. For some reason that play touches me.

3. I care about the spines of books.

4. I was meant to be foreign.

5. I have lost people I’ve loved, that will never even know who they were to me.

6. I don’t do seafood. Keep the slimy, non-air-breathing aliens away.

7. I get about as much of an orgasm from hearing minor notes on a piano as you’re said to get from sneezing. Maybe more.

8. I love to sing, and desperately wish I could do it in front of people. This is not an option.

9. I feel a bit behind in life; I was always top of the class till I got told in year nine that your intellect plateaus at a certain point. Now I feel stupid, slow and clumsy. This upsets me, as I have always taken pride in being graceful, dignified and clever.

10. I wish I could remember more. One of my earliest memories is of climbing over the wood chippings pile behind our shed, past the big tree we made a swing in, to play with Charlie, the boy whose garden backed onto ours, where we made sand castles and watched Andy Pandy videos with his mum, Gay, who taught me there was more than one meaning to that word.

11. I was a loud, vibrant child who talked to everyone, until I started school. Thus marked my gentle decline into the recluse that I am now. I am still the one who replies to group messages, hosts unsuccessful parties and calls you first.

12. Language is important to me because it’s one of the few skills my parents passed on.

13. I always forgive once. I am learning to be stronger, whatever that means after the first mistake.

14. I believe everyone has just as much right to be in the world as anyone else, to have all the good things in life, to achieve whatever they want, to be loved, without hindering others in their own. Whether they choose to do these things is up to them.

15. I try not to take life too seriously, although I panic about the smallest things. There’s got to be some balance. If you took the big things seriously, surely that would be too much.

16. Deep, deep down, I know I’m worth it.

17. I like holding hands and hugging. It makes me feel whole.

18. I want to see as much of the world as possible, excepting the Middle East, which just doesn’t appeal as much.

19. A part of me wishes I’d been Catholic, some for the rosary beads, some for the drama of confession and sin. However I am not religious, though I see good in Buddhism.

20. I hate being unable to solve a problem, or help my loved ones.

21. My brother fell down the library steps at Haringey when he was two, and now has a scar on his eyebrow which makes me jealous because it looks sexy. The same year, he dropped a toy gun out of a window at our mum’s friend’s new house; for some reason that also stuck with me.

22. I am actually, honestly, not lazy, and my ideal wake up time is 8am. Unfortunately my job on lates at the cinema disagrees.

23. I can’t hold my drink, and I can’t take drugs. I don’t have the physical withstanding. Party pooped.

24. I would like to live in black and white.

25. I have a lot of love in and around me.


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