The Hat That Flew

For Anna, whose hat blew off when we walked up Ingleborough.



The hat that flew

was woolly and blue

and had a mind of its own.

It longed to be free,

to see mountain and sea,

to take out a student loan.

One day poor ambitious Hatty’s

wish the wind did grant

and took advantage of the worst

part of a slopy slant.

The snow was cold,

but Hat was bold

and held on for dear life

to save his owner,

a real groaner,

a lot of tears and strife.

But WHOOSH! Oh no!

Then Hat was free

and flying on the breeze,

as Owner crumpled up her facial

features in displease.

At first Hat thought

that it was sad

to be so far from home.

But that was then

and this is now

and now he shines like chrome

to be the cause

of such delight

and comfort everywhere.

So if you see

a happy hat

that’s woolly and is blue

floating round your local lake

with glee, you’ll know it’s true

that hats can go

just where they like.

Just know, it’s rude to stare.

Ingleborough me & anna 3


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