A scene from a short play I wrote with the working title, Alice.


Chloe   I’ve come to shout at yas.

(Alice lets her in, they go and settle in the window, resting their heads on their folded arms, looking out.)

I’ve been seein’ Davey. I’m very much in love with him. I think you should leave him.


And I’m angry at you, Ally, you don’t love him enough. He needs to grow. I’ve got the right stuff to feed him. And he’s finally come round to see that. But he can’t think about it properly when you’re around. He’s got two people in his head. That’s like tryina grow two apple trees in one pot. Which, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried, Alice, but it’s very hard work. One tree always gets more nutrients than the other. Gets bigger, blossoms first. Overshadows the other.

It’s my turn for nutrients, Alice. It’s my turn for sunlight.


Are ya gonna offer us some tea, or what?

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