Dear Vulnerable Genuine

Another attempt at Victorian-style love poetry

Dear Vulnerable Genuine

Classic and rare

Pray, prof’ me your passings,

These I wish to share

You reach me

in ways

so subtle and light

You don’t have a clue

You can only do right

And as long as you’re you

then thus it will stay,

for I cannot match it

with e’er and a day

I put on parachutes

and wish you were here

to lie with and sigh with

and sit out some Fear

Brings ‘choly, so love,

and we could be one

Shy Purple and Thumb

inspired to stun

As ‘tis, poor Purple

hides modest from thee

Though they bat no eyelid,

none other I see

Be all that you are

You are sure to glow

And I’ll be the carp

kisses tips when they show

One thought on “Dear Vulnerable Genuine

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