Nutshell Cinema

Inspired by a Daily Post Challenge to try my hand at a different style of writing to my norm, my thoughts turned to reviews. Surprisingly perhaps, being in a business where we are constantly playing to and hungry for reviews, I myself am not in the habit of writing them. Indeed, I can’t remember writing any since my last entry in my ‘performance’ & ‘reading’ journals (suffice to say, it’s been a while.) Maybe it’s time I got back on that horse, even if only to serve my future nostalgia. I am 26 after all, Alzheimer’s is only around the corner.

A friend of mine, a while ago on a tipsy giggle-ramble, came up with ‘Nutshell Cinema’ – three-word reviews of any and all films.

The title of this post refers to his sentiments on An American Tail: Fivel Goes West. (“‘E gans West.”)

In his honour, here are a few reviews of some films on my shelf, in that style…

Bloody nice gal.

Off his rocker.

Pretty in Pink
She’s pretty really.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Do your research.

Boogie Nights
Boooooggiiieee nights – WOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHH

**** you, Dreamworks.



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