Happy dreams

This morning I had an absolutely wonderful dream. So wonderful that I wanted to share it with you all. I was cuddling my baby brother and he was giggling and giving me kisses, and then I started teaching him words. I’d say a word, he would copy, and although he’s only six months old he was incredibly advanced and articulate. Though not so much as to sound surreal or unbelievable. I can’t remember which words we started with, but I got to ‘letter’, thinking to myself, ‘He probably won’t get this one, but let’s give it a shot.’ He repeated, ‘Letter,’ and then went on to say, ‘What is letter? I have reason to believe it is something you give to a friend in need.’ My memory of this last line is a bit hazy, but it was said in a similarly Holmes-esque manner, infused with curious wisdom and intelligence. I was shocked, and gave him a cuddle and said something to the effect of explanation, confirming that, yes, sometimes you give a letter to a friend in need, but sometimes there are other reasons for writing them. I then picked him up and walked over to join my theatre group, who were gradually assembling for a warm up and notes, and was preparing to go and warn the boys not to swear, because ‘Tiernan’s talking now, and he’ll copy. He understands.’

And that’s all I remember… In reality, Tiernan only make three noises; crying, some kind of straining noise out of excitement, as if he’s trying to reach something really high, and a kind of ‘Ningngngngnggggg’ noise when he’s about to cry, or is trying to tell you something very important.

Happy Friday!

The man of the hour, in a swimsuit I got him, next to a teddy I got him :) Apparently, black and white toys are particularly good for young babies because of how their vision develops!

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