Last night I went to my first ever yoga class. Yoga is something I have tried bits of, and always wanted to give a proper go, but the chance to get to know a friend’s girlfriend who’s just moved into the area was just the push I needed.

Yoga was mainly what I expected. Quiet, calming, stretching, gentle but thorough, and full of the stereotypes. The big townhouse that looked like Yummy Mummy Central and reminded me of London and all its multi-faceted hidden rooms hosting innumerable cultured, busy, independent people. There was a doorbell, a warm greeting, a shoe rack. Everyone was spoken to by name. I wanted to fart at one point, but I held it in.

What I didn’t expect was the state of mind it brought about in me. I am aware of the intentions behind yoga, but I had never really experienced this. Except once, and that being as part of a theatre exercise in which we were highly encouraged to ‘feel’ and ‘connect’, to a point possibly more intensive than a yoga class might do. But here I felt something different, more gentle. Lying on the floor in a room full of strangers, drifting, as we cooled down – I felt inspired. Not with lots of ideas rushing into my mind, but just… ready. I felt like I could do anything. I was ready to write, to be creative.

I had a feeling that I remember having before, and having been told to feel in years of writing lessons – every thought is valid. Write everything down, and write every day. Don’t lose anything. It is all worth keeping. Suddenly the thought I’d had earlier in a brief moment at a cash machine as I glimpsed a T-shirt and thought of someone, then poetically had them distinguish themselves by moving slightly to the side and reveal a difference in the T-shirt, (does this make any sense?) was not silly anymore. I could stop berating myself for these thoughts as they happened, and embrace them again. Fall back into my old romantic ways. See my life as a story. Which feels great.

I am going to go back. The atmosphere, tempo and resulting feeling of this exercise suited me down to the ground. I hope this will become part of a healthy routine that I don’t get bored with (which I tend to do, being a typical Gemini.) If I do this every week, I could end up producing a lot more creative work, which has been lacking for quite a while now.

So, excited and content. More to come.


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