Anger Management

Recently, I’ve been a bit brash. I’ve also read some pretty nasty online comments by others to others. And been pray to some myself. The delicate balance between funny and offensive has come under scrutiny. It had never occurred to me that I might be one of those ruthless anger-fuelled creatures; an internet bully.

In an effort to remain a member of the sane world (I promise you, it’s where I belong), I am taking up more reading and gardening. I’ve heard somewhere, “To be happy for a lifetime, take up gardening.” Which sounds like a pretty good deal to me. So these are my new best friends…

The gardening stuff collectively cost me £7 from Poundland(!) Get yourself kitted out, it’s so worth it. The only exceptions are the two pots, which came from a lovely friend – added bonus of reminding me each time I look at/use them, of the kindness of people (and so ultimately, the goodness in the world.) The graphic novels (Ok so I said reading, but I think this is killing two cultural birds with one stone, because I’m looking at art at the same time. Right? Right.) are all gifts too, so again make me feel pretty fuzzy inside before I even open them. And when I do open them, they’re just awesome. I’ve found a new love, and it’s as hungry as a growing man.

With this turn-around in mind, below is a video that a friend of mine linked to recently, which I think says it all about internet bullying. Until I was aware that I was probably being just as cruel myself (although, I pray, not quite as illiterate) by having the occasional – albeit, usually silly – rant about this, that and the other right here in my own domain, it didn’t occur to me that it was still public, and recorded, and, just like on Facebook, will probably float about in the existence of the host website’s copyright for THE REST OF TIME. So, here’s to self-awareness, decency and respect.

Thank You Hater! by Clever Pie and Isabel Fay

Sincere apologies for insincere jibes – never take me seriously. Love to one and all.