Back to Books with You #2: City Screen Sky Lounge

There are some very good films out right now. I urge you to go and see them, and get there early so you can spend some time reading in the Sky Lounge while you’re waiting.

Granted, I have more time in there than the Average Joe (although we have one of those there too, and I’m sure he’d agree with that description) and you might argue the elitism of this choice. However, it is not out of your way to fit in two different creative feeds in an afternoon, and the ambience of the sky lounge is perfect for the avid reader. If, like me, you are easily distracted, you might have trouble here; however if you pick something exciting to read that you can easily drift in and out of, you will be perfectly suited to this little haven of peace that overlooks a wide stretch of the River Ouse, and howls and flutters in the rigorous wind that we’ve had so much of recently. With the elements (and pidgeons) so closeby, there is a comforting, cosy kind of freedom felt in this space.

Here, on a dark night, with the wind battling the huge glass panes next to me, I enjoyed this story for the first time.

Picture courtesy of

And if you need a hand deciding what to go and wait for, I would highly recommend The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


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