Riverside/Wayside: A new mini-series

As promised, here is a collection of pictures I have taken at the side of the same river that has been standing next to me on so many occasions like this one – which, by the way, has inspired me to try my hand at my first mini-series of blogs…

Wayside – addressing what seems to be a gap in the market for morbid pain-dwelling and nostalgic fascination with old flames. So-named for its personal tie to the river I keep harping on about, and also the association with things gone by, or things discarded. Analyse however you like, we’re not in AS Level poetry. I’ll be posting a story each day for the next five days about different break-ups in my life. I hope you’ll find something here that strikes a chord and draws out your own memories. I urge you; think of them fondly.

Update – You can now read the series here:
Wayside #1
Wayside #2
Wayside #3
Wayside #4
Wayside #5

The Ouse, York, UK

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