Darcy Isla: A Tragedy in One Word

Doing a dutiful read-up on upcoming film releases, I came across this under The Muppets:

THE BUZZ: (Nudist) Jason Segel…”

Thereafter the mention of his – hobby? – was completely irrelevant, forgotten, just a fact or feature of Segel’s habits that tickled the writer. I felt as if I’d been delivered the opening of a story and then cut off. Other suggested implications are up for grabs, though surely they would not have meant, ‘Nudity? In a family film?!’ (outraged in tone) because obviously the human body in its purest form is a glorious thing, right? Wrong. In America, at least.

Aside from the delicious psychological intrigue I saw in this, it made me wonder which one word I might be preceded by. Makes for an interesting variation on (BA) or (PhD). If I thought of what I see as my defining (or must public) traits, I suppose I would end up with something like (Tragedy) Darcy Isla. Not in a melodramatic sense, but more akin to the Greek meaning of the word, as in ‘waste of potential’. I would like to believe I am distanced from Dylan Moran‘s ‘starvling cat’ image of the universal average of true potential, and that instead there is some kind of ‘secret eagle’ in there. “Don’t open the door!” he warns; we must not think on it, we must keep this disappointment hidden from ourselves. I for one would rather disappoint myself, and in doing so, gradually gain a more comprehensive perspective on me and my abilities, lackings and needs. If nothing else, at least to be more decisive when choosing milkshake flavours or new perfume.

I am adding it to my projects list to find more interesting ways to describe myself, alongside a search for perfect places to read.

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