All the Best

I am not ok with being anything less than the best. It’s not really the same as being competitive. I just don’t like to be placed in any context where I’m not the best at what I’m doing. I wish really, that when we were choosing our options in school and college, that thought had not been there. I let it rule me to an extent. But I think it’s natural not to want to be compared to others unless you know you’re going to come out on top. Who wants to know that they’re in any position where people have surpassed them somehow, where some of their flaws have been so obvious that others have made them look pathetic, weak, second-rate, even if just for a moment, or in ‘trivial’ ways. Somehow, they picked a point in you and didn’t like it. They liked the other person better. That person is cooler, sexier, bigger, cleverer, faster, harder, stronger, more genuine, more talented, more impressive. You are disposable.
Best of three?


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