Owning it

Torn. (What’s new?) Today I’m allowing that feeling to surround my separate desires to read and to write. Recently I have found several blogs and websites that I enjoy reading, respect the writers thereof, and where I actually hunger for the next chapter when I have read up to date. Somehow my subscription features aren’t working very well and so aren’t alerting me of new posts, which even annoys me a little bit. I feel that, having expressed the wish and the loyalty, I deserve some right to the next chapter. I should be told first. Surely?

I am wasting yet more time thinking about how little time there is; trying to decide how to dole it out between reading all these things that interest me, feed me, teach me, and writing new material of my own. I feel I should be more academic, should have source material, background reading, field research. But I would also like to have some new ideas to my name. To be seen to be producing work regularly.

To that end, here is one thing I can call my own:


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