Lackng other inspiration, I revert to diary style in order to document in a place I can find it, the events arising from the abusive relationship between us and The Neighbour.

Last night, at 1:37am, I fell asleep. To an intermittent, changing, high-pitched beeping noise coming from outside.

This morning, at 8am, I woke up. Due to the same noise. I rang the noise council to leave a voicemail, hoping they would call me back later and perhaps visit to listen to it; forgetting it is the weekend and they’re only available late at night.

The thought runs through my head, “You have my attention. Now tell me something important.”

The noise comes on again at 8:20 and 8:44. I’m guessing it’s on a timer. It lasts between ten-twenty seconds each time.

Again at 8:50. This time, it has been on for five minutes. Oh, and just for the record, every time I open my window in reaction to the noise, it stops.

I email the police to arrange giving the final piece of our statement. I settle for another day of being up hours before I have to be anywhere, and without sufficient sleep. I feel tortured, unhealthy and unstable. How long and how many times do we have to tell people about these happenings before something permanent can be done? How is he still allowed to coexist in normal society when he is so poisonous? I had another burst of anger this morning. Now, exhaustion.

8:58am: Slightly further away, a drill/tree-saw sound starts up. I allow myself a tragic little snort.

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