Drinking tea that tastes like bolognese, and sending brief emails

Listening fondly to nostalgic music like Kings of Leon’s Youth & Young Manhood.

Thinking about people not accepting compliments. Why don’t we? And how do we do it gracefully? In my ideal world everyone would follow the Cheese Girl philosophy and say, “Thank you, I think so too.” But if we all responded positively without a fight, or all learned to pay compliments in the right, encouraging way that helps people accept them/hinders them denying them… Would everyone just be falling in love and having sex all the time? I am aware of certain, imminent danger when two people who are clever with words meet as friends and have the time to drag out the establishment of who they each are through words as opposed to meetings. Inevitably, a compliment comes up at some point if the two are to become friends and establish some kind of bond. But how do they gracefully carry it off without either one of them taking it too far and getting a hankering for the whole hog? What constitutes the real difference between friends and lovers? (Of those who could end up together, if single and so-inclined, forgetting best friends and The Lads and other harmless actually-would-never-happen alliances.) Are we really just left to our own devices on this one? Is there no mercy? There are plenty of people in this world who will impress you, entertain you, comfort you, wow you even. Where do you get off the bus? And where do you get back on? Do you get a day ticket? When and how do you stop being Just Friends?


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