Naming and shaming the stupid of the world, to the soundtrack of Dad Jokes

Listening to this:

… And thinking about Dad Jokes, inspired by the Gag Mag that was left/found at work today, and a text that has tickled me enough to keep me giggling on and off for a little while…

“[She’s studying] Ancient History. So basically nothing that’s going to help her much in the future!”

Indeed. :) These are becoming a new fad with me. I’m itching to get them out wherever possible now, if only just for the chance to go, “Ey? Ey?” with a stupid grin on my face.

And speaking of stupid… What is WITH PEOPLE? How do people still exist that are so affected as to behave like they do in your pubs and clubs and public places? I met a shining example of a stupid today; a woman who must have read somewhere that in order to appear upper class and therefore respectable and mighty, one must be disgusted with everything in one’s wake. Well, she certainly did her coursework. She worked her way through two drinks that were ‘terrible’ before opting for something only she was allowed to pronounce correctly (after telling me ‘NO!’ with absolute aplomb and conviction, to the wine I was checking she had asked for, she then pointed out the very same one on the list) before bringing it back (about 5ml of it) to ask for a plastic cup, which was then far too big (half-pint), goodness me, and so equally as appalling as the as-yet-unsolved-mystery of my failure in good customer service. In short, she pulled off a very good demonstration of what it meant to her to be upper class.

In other veins, I am appreciating hippies and oneness, and thinking about getting back into early mornings and running and creative visualisation exercises. Let’s get this brain back into thinking.


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