Does anyone else ever see projections of themselves from an outside perspective? Walking along and imagining what you look like while doing it? I get these flashes of that sometimes. I got one tonight, on my way to a rehearsal for my first ever one-woman show, that’s nearing quickly, and felt fresh-faced for the first time in a while. Christmas-faced, in fact.

I have this turning point every season, where I imagine all the new clothes people will wear, all the new exciting turns lives will take, how things will change all over the place, couples will break and form, and this dramatically emotional soundtrack starts playing in my head, camera pulls back to a distant-height shot of me walking away, into the future… And all that jazz. Well, tonight I saw my Christmas Face, and it made me feel sparkly and new again.

I know it must seem completely nonsensical  how my logic and consequent moods work. But they work.

And because I can think of no better way to describe what the Christmas Face looks like, it’s something like what you’d look like while looking at this. Not on a computer screen.



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