Little Mis

So I s’pose I must be a little bit miserable to be writing again, as it’s taken me so long since my last post… But actually I want to sing a few praises tonight.

Here is what I’ve fallen in love with most recently…

This local multi-talented three-man band have absolutely hit the spot for me, as well as others I know who have just discovered them, and I can’t quite believe it’s taken us this long to find one of York’s hidden gems. Broken Ground are one of those rare groups of incredibly good-at-what-they-do people, who are actually nice to talk to as well. It gives you a warm feeling when you find something you enjoy so much, and the follow-up is all pleasant. These boys fall very easy on your ears, and they’re very genuine, approachable and interesting. I want to buy into them and I’m eagerly awaiting their EP.

A local illustrator that lead me to make my first ever investment in art. I’ve come home from an exhibition we were participating in, with a proud purchase to hang on my wall. Becki paints enchantingly gentle but colourful scenes and characters, all of which draw you in and hold your attention. Someone I’d definitely want representing my writing.

Another locally based visual artist, one I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time with in our mutual creative development over the past six months. Susanne creates large-scale installations made from coloured thread, a simple concept with astounding aesthetic results. She is driven and passionate, and her work is progressing well. I wish her all the best with her practice, and I look forward to seeing each new piece.

Catherine is a phenomenon. Her approach and product are uniquely beautiful and feminine, reflective of her contagious personality. Here is a woman you need in your life.

I had my first experience with National Theatre Live last night, and I want more. Benedict Cumberbatch, a face I now realise I had blocked from memory since his detestable character in Joe Wright’s Atonement, blew me away. His visceral performance of the reimagined Creature in Frankenstein gave light to the fact that I’ve been missing out. Benedict is a very followed man, and I am fully on the band wagon. I shan’t say I’ve been watching and listening to hours of YouTube interviews and fan videos, but… you’re welcome on my stage, thank you very much.

To finish up, here’s a song I can’t stop listening to. Thanks to Simon for pointing me in its direction.