Happy people don’t write

I decided to test this theory, by writing about something sad…

I was the source of your distaste
I was the why you left in haste
I was the reason you laid waste
To what we’d both long strived to ace
Apparently ‘One True Love’ based
Kind words that didn’t have me braced
For anything that you held chaste
Such a shame, so quick we raced
So fiercely we refused to face
What killed your pace, what slimmed my waist
What a sparkling lack of grace
In those sad, mad lines we traced

… And about something happy…

Ickatus pickatus pockatus pall
How I love you, balls n’ all



2 thoughts on “Happy people don’t write

  1. So very true… I never write when I’m happy, whereas when I am unhappy or in that weird middle mood of blatant mental insubordination I am a master of the pen/keyboard.. For about 5 mins…

    • It’s said that sleep deprivation leads to madness, and also creativity, and so it benefits us to be deprived of something normal, healthy, fulfilling, in order to produce original and interesting material, or to think creatively and laterally. I have started consciously writing after midnight, perhaps in a bid to draw out my most apt thoughts.

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