Plug In

For those of you who don’t know, I am embarking on an internship at a new local artistic enterprise, Bar Lane in York, with two fellow alumni. We have founded a new theatre company, Six Lips Theatre, and are particularly interested in original, devised, immersive theatre with powerful aesthetics and rich scripts.

It’s going very well – you can keep up with our progress on the Six Lips Theatre WordPress blog, on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. It’s all very fun, but we are beginning to realise now that we are being pushed by our business mentor to ‘make ourselves a product’, that we don’t know much about marketing. Word of mouth and initial punter enthusiasm doesn’t count for much in York, it seems.

So pull your trousers up, York, and get yourselves down to AT LEAST one session of EACH of these events, and then we can happily leave you watching X Factor re-runs with your time instead, knowing you’ve given us a shot.

While we work towards our first big show together, our flagship, (coming April 2011, a special anniversary-of-our-formation extravaganza with limited free tickets to be found amongst other exciting surprises) we are hosting regular, weekly events to build up our kitty, to get established, get recognised, and to eke out all the creativity hiding in the snickleways of our city.

WWWdot are a FREE ten week course of weekly Wednesday workshops held in Theatre 3 at York St. John University (in the quad), culminating in an original devised performance. We intend to explore with you the various art forms and techniques we have gleaned from and experiment with methods of generating work. We will cover writing, devising, improvisation, physical theatre, performance art, happenings, and classics. Contact us for dates and reservations at Set to run on a termly basis. And we know the flyer says November, but it’s actually October, and they’re on NOW.

Open Mic Goodness happens on Thursdays from 7-9pm at Pulse Café on Fossgate. Art, music, comedy, poetry, prose, rants and ramblings all welcome. If you can’t make it but you want to get your stuff heard, send us something to read for you. £2 entry, £1 to perform. Inquiries and submissions to, or in Pulse, where you could have a nice cup of tea and some homemade cake while you ask.

Finally, I and my colleage and co-founder, Roxanna Klimaszewska, host Lazy Sunday Writers’ Club. At Bar Lane Café every Sunday from 1-4pm, followed by optional storytelling from 4-5pm. Come and share ideas, learn and practise techniques, develop scripts and stories, brainstorm with like-minded creatives. Lazy Sundays provide an atmosphere where writers of all kinds can come and work, network and appreciate to their hearts’ desire. £5 for the day, £7 for two. Bring your own lunch if wanted, tea and coffee available for £1 each. Obviously if you’re a reader here, you’ll be familiar with my writing. Rocky’s is coming soon here:

Please support us. We are very capable, confident, and happy with how things are going, but at the end of the day we rely on people for all our projects, and we want you there. We like to share. Now go tell all your friends.




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