Golden Brown

From a noisy open-plan, workmate Rock Band in one ear and crisping brownies in the other, here comes the new piece of me that has been in the oven far too long.

Summer brings: sleepovers, long nights in my very own living room shared only with people of my very own choosing, lots of wine and brightly-coloured vodka, baking, homely mess, camaraderie, creativity and spreading the love.

In my creative head, more coming soon. Stories and joy. In my heart, happiness, knowing feeling of the right decisions, a bright future, feeling of warm support and adoration from all around. Things can only be good.

I WILL be a happy writer. I will be the exception that proves the rule. I will turn the happy bullshit chats into productivity. I will have something to show from my afternoons of lols.

I cannot tell you all how good and right it all feels. You were right, this is the summer of joy, the summer of love, loving myself and getting on with things. Starting my real life. Thinking about MY interests. Doing my thing. Putting my needs first. Asking and getting. Enjoying and letting go. I am golden brown.

I am real, and proud.

16 thoughts on “Golden Brown

  1. YES! Things always inevitably turn out amazing! There is no stopping this, it is the one universal truth!
    I love you & you shall be seeing so much more of me in your household & life whether you like it or not!

  2. right on cakey bun…. i love this post, lots. more happy posts to come or i’ll throw a poo at your boob. loves xxxxx

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