Let Go

Living is easy when you feel like you’re surplus. There are no reasons to hunt or to hide from. Suddenly everything fun is okay. You can open your arms and beat your chest and not care. So the world doesn’t need you, so what, so there. Take what you’re given, enjoy it, be free. Pull funny faces and never again smile out of politeness. Genuine only. Genuine you. Hit the wall, push it over, see the amazing other side of truth that gets through every now and then. ‘I told you so, none of it matters.’ Look at your new friend with blood in your veins. Breathe easy. You can only really do it when you learn to let go. When Let Go kicks you in the stomach and shows you a completely new you. Let go, it’s fun.


2 thoughts on “Let Go

  1. Every time I heard this live it made me sing inside. Skip to about 1 min in unless you want to see them arsing about with tuning and stuff.

    I’m glad that the horizon is falling into perspective for you :) xxx

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