Generation Why

Generation Why. Generation why bother. Generation why are we here. Generation why the fuck didn’t you use a condom. Generation why have kids when you could get a dog, and they’ll more likely die before the world ends. Generation why are we still here. Generation why did my parents choose each other when one of them had sloping shoulders and one had an asymmetrical nose. Generation why haven’t you done it yet. Generation why do you care so much. Generation why aren’t we bored yet. Generation why is it all bars and pubs and restaurants and shops and cars and houses and kids and drugs and holidays and back to work. Generation why can’t anyone just be themselves. Generation why are we still harping on about love and romance when they figured it out centuries ago, poems are all used up and mystery is dead, science gave us answers and we didn’t want those. Generation why is it such a phenomenon to be completely honest, in all its contradictive but true states. Generation why is that not good enough. Generation pro-destruction. Generation, I defy you why and give you my idea – here I am, here I go, watch me and like it or not.


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