Hello Master-Miss

For Melissa’s bump

With thanks to Ciéran, Heather, Elissia, Sasha and Abigail

Hello in there little Master-Miss, glad to make your acquaintance. I have some things to tell you that I have worked out over time. First of all let me tell you that you are loved, unconditionally, that’s how it works you see, everybody loves you even before you have a name.

There’s Mummy Melissa, and Daddy Mike. There are Penny and George the doggies who will bark off all the baddies. There are lots and lots of aunties and uncles and friends and people of all shapes and sizes that you will meet in your life who will make you smile and give you hugs and make you feel like the precious little star that you are.

Things and people come and go, happy songs will fill you up. Happy times will stay with you, and warmth will blow out from within you. This is sometimes called farts.

Another thing to mention is that nothing is forever. Forever is a lovely thing, though actually unreal. And everything you do will only be for just right then. It doesn’t matter though, you see, because your memory is there. To keep you warm even without farts, and keep you safe from sadness.

Take what you can from life, Master-Miss, it will give you all it can. Remember to say and do and dance and shout and eat and play just how you like. Be open and accepting, forgive yourself mistakes. Be honest and ready to adapt, enjoy changes within yourself. Ride it all out. Time changes everything except everything you want to keep. You can make this journey whatever you want it to be.

Remember to have fun and try to be the best of you. Make friends, because you will be a great friend and it would be sad to deprive anyone of that privilege. Love your family. They made you with love and will love you more and more the more you love.

All moments and faces are borrowed, whether for long or short times. Look on things lovingly, and like them while you can. Don’t think about endings or goodbyes, but take advantage of every minute. Love yourself and be kind, you are only human, and that is pretty special.

Now, some people may come to you and ask you big fat questions like ‘Why?’ Everyone will have different answers for these questions, and it’s up to you what you’d like to think is true. Mummy and Daddy will have their own ideas, and so will Penny and George. It is important to listen to everyone’s answers, and to decide what feels right in your own head after a big fat think. One thing Mummy and Daddy are sure to think is a reason Why, is to bring you up to love someone.

One more thing before you go, think about superheroes. Think about your special powers, and what can make you one. For example, Mummy is very brave for you to come out of her tummy. For another example, Daddy is SO caring that he will keep you from being scared in the dark by bringing you warm milk and teddies to sleep with. Both of them will feed you yummies and care for your tummy so that you grow big and strong.

So, after all this nattering, there’s one more thing to say. You can think and do what you like, dear bean, and let the rest wash away. Try to be the best of you, have fun, and don’t let fear overtake your life.



6 thoughts on “Hello Master-Miss

  1. Hm well it is rather interesting im not going to say bad. I like to right more or less meaning of life or I define what I write by definition. Granted you have better fourm of putting sentence’s together but, I think you could put more heart into it. This is what I think you dont have to agree with what I say at all but we have people who will really like what they read other’s that will, give you praise so you feel better. But some negative can be good it will make you strive to do better or it will crush you.

    • I appreciate you spending the time to read and think about this post, although I think the point has gone missing somewhere… This is a simple note from me to a good friend of mine who was having a baby at the time, and was about a personal gesture as opposed to creating a good bit of writing. Thank you for going to the effort of reading and responding though, I always appreciate feedback.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Feels like a letter from a long-lost aunt that I’ve yet to meet. What a lucky gal Master-Miss is to have you in her life! :)

    • Thank you for reading! I realise I am getting back through these replies (a tad) late, but I thought it was important to reply to you. I really appreciate that you took the time to read this post, and I’m glad that you found so much joy in it. Feel free to read it to any littles in your life!

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