The Underwater Pillow

No fairytale here you’ll find, I know. You can try all you like. But I know you won’t, because this story is real. A very real story about very real people and very real things. This is a story about an underwater pillow.

You might think underwater is a strange place for a pillow, and you’d be right. But a lot of things that are real, are very strange. And this pillow was very real.

So real it was, but only to our friend in question. The girl of importance. This girl’s real name was Hush, although of course you won’t find the real names here, because they are sort of private sometimes. Times like these. So we’ll call her Hush.

Hush was a girl, of course, as we said, and we must keep it real, so she was doing girl things and had girl friends and thought girl things and made girl cakes. Girl plans were made in Hush’s mind, changed over time, faded and throbbed.

Being a real girl, real things happened to Hush. Real things passed her eyes and altered her heart. Real wind blew on the back of her neck and real sun shone on her lashes.

Sometimes Hush felt a little unreal. Sometimes life seemed unreal to her, and she started to wonder whether it was her or things that were real, or if anything really was real at all.

Such massive thoughts would stay in Hush’s mind for days, even weeks, or lurk around in the background for longer. She would go out into the real world and find a little patch somewhere, in the shape of her girly bum. She would peer out into the distance and breathe out through her mouth. It was here Hush first thought of her underwater pillow.

In real time, things go kind of quickly. A day is really just twenty-four hours, and a week is only really seven days. You can even check the months off fast.

However, in unreal time – the time inside your head – things go kind of slow. Real time things will come and go before you have enough unreal time to even see some of them. You might catch a glimpse of one or two, and some might stick to the inside of your eyes as they glide past. But a lot of things are just too much in unreal time.

Hush tried various things to turn down the number of real things getting in, just to give her a bit of a rest. She talked. She thought. She slept. She ate. She didn’t. She tried a lot of things over a lot of years, counting all the time, and after a while she made a decision. It was time to make something. Other than the decision.

Being a thinker, she thought she had thought a lot about it, and had probably come to a pretty safe conclusion. It was time to make her way to her underwater pillow.

Hush had pictured the pillow for a very long time, even in unreal time. The idea had come to her over years and years, and, having tried everything else, she knew it was the only thing to do. She would settle her head on a pillow under some water, close her eyes, and think about all the lovely things that happened.

Hush found her pillow underwater, and put her tired thoughts to bed.  Water drifted through her head in unreal time and made her feel like she was just as real as anything she had ever seen or heard. Real time passed and real things stopped happening to Hush. Stopped making her feel unreal, anyway.

4 thoughts on “The Underwater Pillow

  1. It’s more a fantasy than a metaphor, I just liked the idea. I think it’s as pretty as it is sad. I know it may worry you but I don’t think I could any more drown myself than be naughty in front of teachers.

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