Round Two

Having received some dream-map-making instructions from a dear friend, I am reminded that my blog should be a place I come to rest, replenish and develop, and thus it should excite me to be here. I should be filling this space with colour and pictures and things that inspire me. Next project.

… Today round 2 (another several hours of sleep later)…

Yes I am out of cereal because I’m up for the second time today to do exactly the same morning routine as I did at 8am, yes I care, no there is nothing I can do about it.

I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. I feel like I’m living at least two lives on top of each other, but time isn’t changing for me, I am just getting behind. I have slept alllll day through the gorgeous sunshine and I’m still exhausted. I can’t explain it. I am still waking up at 8am sharp, regardless of head-down time.

The sun makes me feel that there is a lot more to say. And do. But I will have to get my act together and restart for the evening because I’m working in a couple of hours.

I am currently in love with Flakes by the Mystery Jets, I Saw You Blink by Stornoway, and pretty much everything by Mumford and Sons and Grizzly Bear. Please check them out, they make me happy.

Love to you all xx


2 thoughts on “Round Two

  1. You’re just coming out of hibernation! Or low on iron? Or feeling SADy (in which case you deffo need to force yourself out into the sunshine for a bit!!!)

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