Good day

I need people to smile at who I am, and to take it from me. Massage, singing, silly dancing, accents, bad jokes, irony, playing with hair and ears, reading to people, performing, writing, acro-balancing, feeling pain and love, being open and receptive, listening, observing. Drawing people and drawing on people, being drawn and drawn on. Listening to podcasts on philosophy and learning languages. Sharing experiences. Lying next to someone listening to music. Not pay it attention. Just smile at it.

Thanks, Alec, for giving me hope. You articulate what I can’t. You are very wise and have a beautiful way of expressing yourself that really flows and makes ultimate sense. There is something about your writing that really engages me. It is refreshing and down to earth, and a joy to read. Your style and description makes me feel light inside. I need things like this at the moment, and I thank you.

Hello voice. Are you the one I’ve been waiting for, for so, so long? Today I want to sing! You make me want to sing.

If anything I say offends you, don’t take it seriously. If it moves you, great. If it affects you in any positive way, that’s how it was meant to be. Anything else is just imagined.


3 thoughts on “Good day

  1. Ah found it! It seems this last blog is a good intro to the ones that come before (topsy-turvey) – can’t wait to read them all but I have absolutely got to get out and walk the dogs because for once it’s not snowing!

    Very glad to have found you too, I shall put this blog in my favourites and happy to let you know how the course progresses. x

    • How is the course going? Thank you for reading again and again, it’s nice to think at least one person is kind of connected to this blog and getting something from it, at least giving you something to say in response. That makes me happy.

  2. I’ve not even finised the 1st assignment yet, but off to Aberdeen tomorrow so that might give me some material.

    I’ve got your blog coming staight to my inbox lol.


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