The Boy With a Heart and No Balls

Once upon a time, there was a boy with a heart and no balls. This is a sad story.

The boy had everything he needed. He was good and nice, and had lots of friends. He had lots of good inside him and around him. The sad thing was, he had lost his balls. He didn’t know where or why they had gone, and he wasn’t sure he cared. This is a dangerous thing. Because, every now and then, everyone needs their balls. You never know when they might come in handy. They may even save your life. They may even save someone else’s.

One day the boy met a girl, and over time she dealt out little pieces of her heart to him for safekeeping. She had a little too much inside her small self, you see, and thought the boy might have more space, having no balls and all. He ended up with quite a big piece of heart. Other people gave him bits of their hearts too, because he received them well. Pretty soon the boy had a lot of heart to carry. Sometimes it felt heavy in his chest, sometimes it felt light.

One day the time came that the boy had to step up, but his balls were nowhere to be seen. This was a sad day. The boy’s arms hugged the girl and his cheeks told her hello. Sad times were shared. The girl was in rather a state, and, being a little silly and a little sad, gave the boy one more piece of her heart. This piece was one too many, and the sight of it made the boy curl up inside. She saw a flicker in his eyes, maybe hope for her, then he let her down.

The boy’s heart was calling out to his balls, burrowing deep down into his soul, but they were not to be found there. His heart appealed to his wisdom, his memory, his personality. No balls there. The huge heart heaved and sighed and searched, and toiled for a time.

Meanwhile others’ hearts were melting, growing weak. All the pieces of heart in the boy’s chest were getting tired and sad.

One day, a tiger turned up and gave the boy a slap.

‘You FOOL,’ it said, ‘Get some balls.’

‘I have some,’ said the boy, ‘I’ve been trying to find them for ages. They seem to want to be somewhere else.’

‘Nonsense,’ said the tiger, ‘They aren’t anywhere else.’

‘What do you mean?’ said the boy, rubbing his aching chest.

‘They’re right here,’ the tiger said, ‘All you have to do is grab them.’

The boy looked down and saw that the tiger was right. His balls had been there all along. All he had to do was believe.

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