B 2

I wish I could be shoegaze and low notes and everything that you love. I wish I could act out the lyrics and make you happy. I wish, I wish. I wish I knew what I was to you. I wish I could be everything good. I wish we could be a we. I dream of lying side by side staring at a ceiling and listening to paralysingly warming music, and putting our stress heads to sleep for a while. I want the best for you in everything. I hope you change only in so much as does you good and makes you feel amazing. You deserve all the best things in life. You earn it just by being yourself. You are truly amazing and you don’t really get it but I see through you to that. I imagine the way you might look at me if I impressed you, convince myself you’ve looked at me like that at some point, try to figure out what I did that struck the right chord. I know I can’t chase you forever. I think my heart’s caught in limbo because it thinks I’m waiting for an answer from you about something, but of course there is nothing to respond to because it can only be joke and platonic really. Nothing wrong with that. I just don’t want to lose such a soulmate. You will never really get how important you are, I am sure of that. Reasonable, human, acceptable love to you anyway.

2 thoughts on “B 2

  1. Found your blogs purely by accident, and I just felt I needed to say how beautiful your words are.
    As someone who always has a headful of emotions but can never seem to articulate them how I want without making a fool of myself, and or pushing the people who mean the most to me away, it made me smile to see words I can totally relate to so thank you x

    • Lovely to hear that. Thank you for the encouragement. The only thing that really helps me is that I don’t worry how things come out anymore, I just have to get them out somehow or I burst. Try it. xx

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