I’m so sorry I didn’t do more. It’s unforgivable what he did to you, and unforgivable that I didn’t jump on the train, knock down his door and make him realise just how unacceptable his behaviour was, and how much he owes to you, and not by ‘trying’ to be good while you’re together again, not by accepting your forgiveness (which is, quite frankly, insulting yourself), but by staying well away. He needs to learn respect for women and for you and it makes me so angry that he thinks so primitively about how people should interact with one another. You deserve so much better, you are an amazing person, hell you’ve been my best friend for over ten years, that’s got to tell you something, you are loved and talented and valued and funny, and awesome to be around, and you’re the first person I think of to call when I’m down because I know you can just talk to me in the right manner, even if you can’t solve the problem. You mean too much to me and your other friends for such an arsehole to have control over you and degrade you to feeling unworthy and like this is all you need. You know you could get out of this, we’ve talked about it, and I get so frustrated that you decide to stay there and put up with him, I don’t CARE if he is “better now”, what he did should not be condoned by you forgiving and going back to him. You can forgive and forget but not teach him that that behaviour gets results. For your own sake and that of womankind, please teach that man a lesson. I love you and I don’t want to see you hurt or fall flaky with your principles and feel like you’re neither here nor there, and not really able to justify it, and always saying, ‘I know, I know… but… I can’t help it.’


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