My love 26

It’s frustrating how you can be so childish and let your petty issues get in the way of things, like some mission of bitterness, especially on the one day of the year that I shouldn’t be made to cater to other people’s whims and preoccupations with vanity and social games in which nobody wins, and then how you can be so collected and articulately express what was earlier just a paddy.
Which bit should I take to best represent the you I should know, as your partner? Should I dismiss it as a moment of silliness later apologised for and dealt with appropriately, which is essentially all that good people are, or should I remember it in the warning signals of my mind and start limiting your allowances for outbursts of similar behaviour before putting you in a box and deciding no longer to know you as a friend and lover, a being with depth and hold over me, shut myself off from feeling for you?
You’re worth a lot more than that. And you’re a good man, I know you. I want to know you better.


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