My love 16

I love the way you say ‘I love you’ just before a film starts, knowing we won’t talk for a little while and wanting our last words to each other to be nice.

I love that your clothes end up in my laundry.

I love that you always want to pay for everything, even if you don’t get anything out of it. I love that you know I would never exploit that.

I love that you put my knickers back in your drawer.

I love that you love my smell. Perfume and sweat.

I love that I want to know more about you, I am curious about you and your past, I want to know you better.

I love how sure I am that this can work, despite our differences. I think I’ve reached the stage where I can decide what is worth keeping, and be happy with it.

I love how certain you have always been about me, you adore and worship me, and sometimes I’m not sure I deserve it but I thank god every day that you see that in me.

I love how, sometimes, you reassure me that you do know how much you mean to me, and you do realise how good you are to me, and, at least sometimes, you feel sure that you’re good enough. I hope you feel much more like that than you let on. You are worth so many of any man I have known before.

I love how you looked after me that night when I was really ill. I felt so loved. I felt home in your arms. I loved you shouting at me, begging for a response, you caring so much. Just that memory fills my heart.

I love it when you say ‘baby’ in your voice, especially when there’s some meaning in it – when I’m winding you up and you want peace, when it’s awkward and you think I’m mad at you and you don’t understand why, when I’m not giving you all I can. Your voice is just music to my ears, that word and all that comes with it turn me on so much. It overwhelms me what I feel for you all in one, the strangest things turn me on, everything I know about you makes me want to be close to you and touch you and kiss you.

I love it when our bellies touch.

I love the way you want me to be a big part of your life.

I love that you don’t look at other girls. I take that for granted, but it’s really nice to know you think I’m the be all and end all. I know how you feel because I’m the same, I think you’re The Shit too and I would never even dream of looking at someone else.

I love that you can be yourself, and be ‘alive’ with me. That’s all I want really. And the fact that that works, is just amazing.

I love how much thought you put into presents. That’s rare.

I love how much better I am around you. My family and friends have all noted how happy and pleasant I am since we’ve been close. You’re a good influence.

I love that you like to surprise me.

I love that you want to do whatever I want to do, as long as we’re together.


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