My love 14

I’m just going through all my texts, typing them up because I can’t find a better way to copy them all, and I’m not losing them…

You are a perfect gentleman. You send me so much love and positivity and tell me such beautiful things about me and the way you feel about me, I can’t express how overpowering it is to feel so much affection, it makes me speechless. I just adore you. You’ll never know, I’ll never have the words to describe just how many thoughts and feelings run through my head when I think about you, when I look at you, when you send me a message. I even get excited whenever I see the name Carl, in case it’s to do with you. I get jealous of your male friends getting more kisses than me! I wonder what your life was like before me. I dream about what we’ll create together.

I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I know we have ups and downs, but the ups are so strong, what could be more worth staying for? I love you. I feel new meaning in that every day.

It makes me so happy to know that when we have children, or friends, when we’re older, anyone who ever asks, if we’re having problems, why we stay, why we don’t see we’re just another chav couple who stay together for the sake of it, I know that even if asked separately we’d both answer the same and be sure of it: that we’re worth it. We have all we could ever need in each other. Good and bad. I want it all.

Forgive me for being cliché, but life just wouldn’t make sense without you. You are what I’ve been leading up to.


… Just one, but it’s a really good one ;)


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