Bad for the theatre, good for writer’s block

“He did, yeah. He did have shit hair.” First smile this side of ten o’ clock. That’s one credit I can award my boyfriend; he will blaspheme away until he hits the right note with my dampened spirits. Today’s subject of his unfaltering hatred is a local film student who disappointed me by offering me the lead role in a short film, and consequently being surprisingly unprofessional and rude about the shooting schedule and simply messing me around.

First offence: Repeatedly failing to take in my availability as fact as opposed to something he should challenge until I felt my soul seeping out of my ears.

Second offence: Sending a text message at 3:30pm on a Sunday saying that, after all my emails detailing my exact unmovable working hours and the extent to which I could be flexible, he would call me at 7ish OR 11ish that night to discuss the schedule. Pick one, and it had better be the former because you do NOT call people you barely know and are seeing only in a professional capacity after 9pm on any day of the week, let alone a Sunday.

Third offence: After supposedly listening to my voicemail asking him to call me back to let me know what was happening either way (Could they fit me in, or would they look for a new actress?) and not to call after 9, he didn’t call. At all. I called him today on my break; he was blunt and rude on answering and when I asked what had been decided, he simply said ‘I don’t think we can move the schedule, really, no…’ After a LONG pause, it didn’t seem like he had anymore to contribute, so I signed off with, ‘Right, well thanks anyway.’

Fourth offence: Facebook of all things bright and beautiful allowed me a preview of this pompous prick’s self-obsessed viewpoint. Status update before calling me to discuss the schedule on Sunday and after having given me the role, read ‘one actress short of a film’. Good to know. Status today at 9:41am, after my voicemail apologising about perhaps not having been clear before and acknowledging that I was probably not the person for the job because of my random working hours, ‘I have a keen dislike for the acting community’.

Well, Mr Macbeth, we have more than a keen dislike for you, and if you expect to progress in any field of work, let alone the most competitive creative industry in the world, you had better grow some professional balls with manners on.


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