My Love 10

I’m trying to feel ok, but deep down I know things are wrong for me, and they’re wrong for you. It’s crazy how things can surface so sneakily and form a cloud over such a perfect relationship. We have all the makings of the perfect life, give or take a few small differing views, and we both want it. We’re so lucky, it’s so rare to find what we have. I think ‘experience’ is what happens in brief periods of frivolity, in between the big fish. I don’t care about being inexperienced anymore because we’re the big fish, and that means so much more. Everyone thinks we’re bullet-proof. And we are. I know you’re soft inside and I’m a mess sometimes. But it only takes a few sentences like you said to me tonight to remind the universe that our hearts are in it and that’s the only thing that matters. We’ll fight this cloud, even if it strangles us for a while. I know it feels now like it’s out of our hands, it’s bigger than us, but it’s not. Nothing can bring us down so hard. All I need is to hear you joke and feel your love when you tell me how you feel about me, to know that I’m safe, and happy underneath. I’m home with you and I’ll keep you safe. Nothing can touch us.


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