My love 5

Today was perfect, and you are perfect, and it amazes me how you don’t stop surprising me and overwhelming me and you have prowess that makes my head spin so I can’t speak or stand, all I can do is look at you and hope you kiss me again, and I quiver, and hope you can tell how I feel. One day I’ll learn how to tell you. For now, please know, you can make me feel so fresh, so nervous and happy, as if we’re only just touching each other for the first time, and that’s special. I felt things today, reminders and realisations, all struck me dumb. You’re tall, so tall and you humble me with your shoulders leaning in and your hands holding my hips up to yours, standing over me making me feel meek and precious and fragile, I am completely yours when you stand so close to me like that, I feel nothing else in the world but your attention.
The way you hold me makes me melt. You give me warmth. I’m crazy about you.

“Do you wanna try lying down?”

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