Stop. Real time.

Reading a newly advertised workmate’s blog, I realise another silent wish of mine has been granted by the universe. Seemingly every day someone else admits to me that they are or have been on some form of medication for a mental or hormonal condition. So many of my friends have suffered through depression, anxiety and other mental strife completely without my knowledge. It makes me wonder whether I am a bad friend for not knowing and doing something about it, and I also question whether I am really going through the same troubles and just being more vocal about it, or if I am just a big crybaby. After all, I am still in control of my life in many ways that you lose when you go down that road; I care about my appearance and personal hygiene, I am still producing creative work that I am proud of, I am still honest and confident enough to tell everyone everything that’s on my mind, ever, which serves me well enough. God help me if that ever leaves me.

Another friend at work draws amazing pictures, another makes independent films, another sings at weddings. All amazing, talented people who I wish I had more ‘us’ time with. Time when nothing is expected of us, when we can laze around cloud-gazing and putting the world to rights, sharing life. I wouldn’t have a clue about all these hidden interests if they weren’t online, or we didn’t have the odd moment of such utter boredom on a quiet day that we got the chance to talk like real people for a change. Goodbye to ticking boxes and small talk. Give us more real time.


2 thoughts on “Stop. Real time.

  1. Never a truer word spoken! All the amazing people at work who I would consider good friends I barely hang out with or really truly now them it’s such a tragedy! I think we should change it! try and organise some more real time! more time to live and share memories with each other instead of sharing popcorn warmers!
    seriously though I love this blog Anna! wish id known about it sooner!

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