My love 2 – Some time last August – The Beginning.

Two things. Okay more.

One: I love you. That’s all.

Two: The sky the other night on my way home from work was the kind I HAD to share with someone. And if you weren’t in Holland, I might have sent you a picture. And you would have been amused and disappointed at my geekiness in the same moment, and pretended to yourself that you appreciated it, even as a tiny blurry photo. I wanted to stop, but didn’t for some reason. No reason.

Three: It rained so much tonight. It hasn’t rained that much since I started working with you. Maybe that’s symbolic. Maybe it just rained. I got soaked within minutes of leaving the cinema, and by the main road I was wiping off all my makeup just to stop it stinging my eyes. It was one of those force-of-nature moments where you’re just in awe of what’s coming at you out of the blue and need someone there to share it with in your eyes.

Four. I love that I think of you for all these things. It’s comfort and it’s cool to have one person you immediately think of at these times. And you’re a pretty cool person to have that feeling with. I love you.

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