Dreams – a work in progress

She got up, brushed off the bits of pencil lead and unwanted lunches from her crumpled cheek, took a moment to stand and wake. He pulled a tiny leaf from her straggled plait, their only reminder of the day before. She was glad to see him. She expected him, and just smiled, because she never expected anything, and was never surprised. Neither did he. That was a comfort to them both, in each other. Freedom smiles on those who let it in.

A leftover ant made its way down the crease in his jumper, and freedom smiled again because the sole survivor of the fantasy could offer no clue to the pair standing lazy in their new summer. Each day they took hostages, each day they let them go, never remembering a thing but the overwhelming feeling of comfort and independence they built on every time. Children always, they had the world at their fingertips.

Yellow everything behind her, around him, outside was a mass of orange shades and blinding summer haziness. The world felt like a mountain covered in long grass for them to roll down. She smiled.

‘Hey Blue. You ready?’

She nodded. He took her arm, and they ran outside.

Shedding the night-clothes of yesterday, her smile was constant and forgiving, ready, accepting. It was prepared for the worst, and welcomed the best. Neither of them ever saw anything, took anything in, tainted anything with contemplation. They just did, and then were new.

Pulling on a plaid navy skirt about six inches above her knee, she noticed something dark poking out from underneath it, attached to her thigh. She lifted the leg right up to her nose for a closer inspection, and the skirt slid towards her chest to reveal an oriental dragon etched on her skin. She looked up at him, ‘Did you do this?’

His excitable morning eyes came back to her standing on one leg, hugging the decorated thigh up on display. ‘Yeah,’ he said.

‘While I was asleep?’

He nodded.

‘Impressive!’ She grinned, and let the leg down. They took arms and ran off into the new day.


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