So many girls online posing and exposing. Shameless, tasteless pictures. So many girls out there that I could be, or date if I wanted to take that road. So desperate to be sexy and seen by every possible punter all over the world. I could do that, I think, why haven’t I, I am in a relationship and I could take sexy self-portraits for my boyfriend, or have him take them, and be up there with the internet hall of fame. Well, for one thing, I don’t want to be famous, for any reason at all. I don’t want to be a household face, I want to live a decent, normal, personal life and be able to retreat into my cave whenever I want to.

Of course these girls have their media impact on me. In a general browse to add friends to the profile for this blog, roughly four out of every forty women whose profile pictures appear – accessible to the whole world in case you weren’t aware, even those who aren’t registered users of the site – are clutching naked breasts and arching their backs, brushing a wall or some other suggestive background with their thong-clad arses and low-rise tattoos of stars, guns and butterflies.

As per my feelings on porn (see below), I feel sad and jealous at the same time. I start to question my body and my principles. Am I boring for not doing it? Do I need to tone? Are boob jobs really all that bad?

Men live in a much safer world. Their desires, as above, are readily available, and their bodies are not under scrutiny. In many cases, women settle, for fear of coming second to the billions of other perfectly beautiful women in the world. Men can afford to be more fussy.

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