I love me because…

I am happy with my body in all its states, and am completely comfortable with others seeing it.

I am good at one-on-one time with lots of different kinds of people.

I love my writing, and I don’t need others to like it for me to keep liking it.

I will never grow up.

I make myself and others laugh.

I always pick myself up from lows quickly and strongly.

If I take the time to think about it, I know what is sacred.

I am genuine and passionate, and open with my feelings.

I am creative and willing to try new things.

I am open-minded.

I can act, dance and sing when I set my mind to it.

I am thorough and hard-working, and I deserve the good things that come to me.

I am caring and considerate.

I am reminded of that game we once played in Social Ed where you walk around with paper on your back and everyone writes your qualities on it, and am thinking what a good idea it is for me to write to everyone with little love letters, telling them what’s so great about them. I start again today.


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